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Exact timetable for WDSFupdated

Do not missUpdated timetable! (Friday May 19th)Competition for the first category on Saturday and Sunday starts 30 minutes after the end of check in!Other competitions start approximately after 60 minutes after the end of check in.
Saturday – time of check-in
Junior II Standard10:15–11:15 (11:45)
Junior II Latin13:00–14:00 (15:10)
Senior III Standard14:30–15:30 (16:40)
Youth Standard17:00–18:00 (19:05)
Senior II Standard18:00–19:00 (19:55)
Sunday – time of check-in
Adult Standard08:00–09:00 (09:35)
Junior I Standard08:15–09:15 (10:15)
Youth Latin10:30–11:30 (12:35)
Senior I Standard11:00–12:00 (13:15)
Junior I Latin13:15–14:15 (15:20)
Adult Latin13:30–14:30 (15:40)
Senior I Latin16:00–17:00 (18:10)
ImportantThe expected start time of competition for categories is in brackets.
The schedule may be subject to change.
Times for check in were updated on Friday May 19th.

Časový harmonogram pro postupové soutěže a taneční ligy bude dostupný na webu ČSTS.

Timetable for the Czech national competitions will be provided on a ČSTS website.

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